Meet the Staff

Matt and Bronwyn Douglas - Owners

In January 2006 Matt and Bronwyn purchased Kistner’s Flowers, a business that has been serving Manhattan and surrounding areas since 1946! Both Matt and Bronwyn are K-State graduates. Matt got his degree in Greenhouse management with a Business minor and Bronwyn received a dual degree in Psychology and Fine Arts. They met and married while working at a local tree nursery to put themselves through school. After graduation they both worked for the former owners of Kistner’s, the Orr-Lee family, for three years. The call of adventure took them  back to Bronwyn’s roots, Alaska, for three years where they worked at a private lodge 90 miles down a dirt road, off the grid, in the heart of Denali National Park. In their off seasons they travelled to Costa Rica for backpacking, Juneau, Alaska for a winter living on a 32’ sailboat and Bozeman, Montana to experience the beauty of the Prairie meeting the mountains. While in Bozeman, ending their 3rd year of adventuring around, they received a call that Kistner’s was for sale! After much considering and discussion they packed up and headed back to Manhattan for their next adventure. January 2016 marks their 10th anniversary owning and operating Kistner’s Flowers. They both enjoy raising their family of 3 girls while being able to serve the community in a way that allows them to showcase their natural ability for design and creativity.


Alex Harden









Betsy Bean

Because of her studies in fine art and philosophy of aesthetics, Betsy’s designs fully showcase the unique beauty of the variety of fresh flowers Kistner’s carries. Using color and texture, the same flower can exhibit completely different style determined by its surroundings. Betsy also enjoys turning houseplants into singular home and office decorations for all tastes. Betsy’s favorite flower is Ranunculus (Little Frog). Outside of work, Betsy creates fine art with the help of her mentor, continues her research with her growing collection of books, and participates in local music through choir and musical theater. Heralding from Montana, Betsy earned her degree at Montana State University and Université Paul-Valéry in Montpellier, France. Throughout her childhood and into her adult years she has been fortunate to travel to Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Sicily, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and France. She would love to spend time in Mongolia or see the Himalayas. Speaking French fluently would allow her to travel in Africa as well- perhaps to see Mount Kilimanjaro. As a nature lover and explorer, she is also interested in space travel. Although the creative aspect of the work at Kistner’s flowers keeps her craftsmanship honed, it is the ever-changing wishes of customers that keeps her inspired. Please stop by to put her talents to the test and for conversation!








Sarah Reeves

In the midst of owning her own wedding photography business, Sarah began working for Kistner’s Flowers. Her plant maintenance position allowed her to learn and absorb Kistner’s style when she started helping with wedding work and sales. Her passion for photography and her love for beautiful wedding details have played a big role in transitioning into the flower world as the two play such a big part for brides on their wedding day. Sarah and her husband, Jake, along with their two dogs Digby and Charlie moved to Manhattan in 2014. They manage the photography business together and you can find their work at Sarah has a wide range of favorite flowers depending on the season: peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, and the many types of protea to name a few. She also has a slight obsession with seeded eucalyptus! Her current role in the shop is design apprentice. She manages Kistner’s social media and other personal relations, while balancing her time with floral design and photography.


Brett Williams



In the midst of studying at K-State for a Horticulture degree, Brett decided to apply at Kistner's Flowers after a class presentation from Matt and Annette. He joined the team in the spring, just in time to help with the upcoming wedding season, while learning the basics of the job. In his free time, Brett enjoys spending time at the pool and taking care of his numerous pets. He is also a plant fanatic, and loves collecting all types of house plants to fill his home. He is attracted to vivid colors and unique flowers, and would be more than happy to help you select the perfect flowers for a wrap to deliver to someone special.