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  • Shop Local for Valentine's Day

    Where do you turn when you need to send a gift that will lift spirits, give hope, bring joy, and even console a broken heart?  You turn

    to your local florist.  When you shop at your hometown florist such as ours you are more than a transaction, more than a profile number.

    We have served the Manhattan, KS community for more than 70 years and in that time Kistner’s Flowers has watched couples get married, start families, we have watched those families grow and we have even wept with them suffering the heartache of losing a loved one. 

    We are not just a business that has a singular goal of turning profits but has in our core the utmost belief that we are all part of a community that gives and takes in a beautiful and symbiotic relationship; not unlike soil, sun and air that our beautiful flowers and house plants need to grow and thrive.

     Unfortunately, in the world we live in, shopping and community support is mostly online in a computer driven society where faces are not seen and names are unknown.  When you order flowers from a company online that is not the florist in your hometown it is more than likely an order gather.